"27 Days to Finding Your Soul Mate"

In just 27 days you can tune yourself to the vibration of 
your soul mate - even if you have never met! 

Then let Law of Attraction bring the two of you together:

  • Easily   (Law of Attraction does all the work)
  • Swiftly   (Once you are in tune, things happen fast)
  • Lovingly  (Law of Attraction reflects the love  you seek) 

Use "27 Days to Finding Your Soul Mate" to make it happen.

End the Pain!

"27 Days to Finding Your Soul Mate" instantly ends the pain of awkward dating.  This simple 27 day program puts you back in your power.  Instead of settling for whatever comes your way, you begin creating your ideal relationship from within. 

Don't ever want to feel this way again?

"He didn't return my email. Should I call?  Should I text him?  Will I seem too desperate?" 
"I'm recently divorced.  It's so scary out there. Where do I even begin to find someone new?"
"I met someone I really like and I thought he was divorced but now it seems the papers have not gone through yet.  I feel so confused.  Is it okay to date someone who is "almost divorced"?
"I finally met someone really great and I just found out he is married.  Why doesn't anything ever work out right for me?"  
"I really like this guy but he wants an affair and I want a relationship.  Is there something wrong with me?"
"Girls give me fake numbers.  Or if it's the real number, they don't call back.  What am I doing wrong?"
"He asked for my number but never called.  I feel like such a loser.  I just keep waiting."
"She seems interested but she's always too busy to get together.  Why doesn't she want to go out with me?"
"I don't want a fling.  I want a soul mate.  Is that too much to ask?"
"I want someone who loves me just the way I am.  Why is that so hard to find?  Am I unlovable?" 

The Answer:

If you have ever felt frustrated, rejected, or like "the good ones are all taken,"  you can breathe a sigh of relief.  

You are about to find out exactly how to shift this and find your soul mate.  In fact, I'll tell you right now.  Are you ready?

You have probably been trying to find a relationship.  The one single change you can make that will solve all of these questions is contained in "27 Days to Finding Your Soul Mate."  But I don't want you to have to buy the ebook to find out the answer.  

So I'll tell you right now.

The one single change you can make that will solve all of the questions listed above is to begin creating the relationship you want instead of trying to find it.  I mean literally create the person.  

Does that sound crazy?  

I can't explain the whole thing here, but I really want you to know how to do this because it can change everything for you.  So I have a special free gift for you.


Free Instant Access


Free Teleseminar Recording

How to Create (Attract)
 a Great Relationship

~ Change One Thought ~

In this teleseminar you will learn one 
powerful way to shift your thinking about 
how to attract the relationship of your dreams. 

Changing this one way of thinking can
empower you to attract a wonderful new 
relationship that feels custom made for you.

Dear Rebbie,
  This phone call was absolutely stunning!      What unique and creative thought shifts!   How I love your classes!   How I adore your 'thought shifts!'   
  With BIG Appreciation and BIG Gratitude!

I listened to your teleseminar last night and as usual you did a great job. 
It felt as if I was sitting in my living room and talking with my best friend: thank you for that.   I was so happy when I received your email today that included us being able 
to listen to the 3 tapes you made last night. I was so happy to... be able to hear them again. 

YOU ARE THE BEST! Can't wait to pass this on to my friends who missed it and have it also for myself to renew my inspiration :). I was with a friend just a little while ago telling her about parts of it when she was 
talking to me about her very challenging relationship.

I had listened to this before...but...I HEARD it for the first time, yesterday!!! I've been in a long-running, loosely defined relationship for 10 years. This session spoke to me in so many ways about creating what i want. I don't have to do it with this person or any person, I first do the creation and Source does the work!

Special thanks to Jerry and Esther Hicks 
and Abraham for the basis of the material 
in this workshop.




Listen to this teleseminar recording.  I explain the whole thing.  I'm giving you this recording for free because I want you to have an "AHA!" about the way you have been looking for a relationship and how you can turn it around completely.


Trade in Your Pain for Joy 

You don't have to feel that terrible feeling of rejection ever again.  

You don't have to feel the depression of not finding "the right one" ever again.

Checkmark Imagine how good it feels to gaze into the eyes of the one who knows you inside and out and loves you exactly as you are.
Checkmark Imagine how content you feel in the arms of the one who knows your strengths and weakness and loves you unconditionally.
Checkmark Imagine strolling on the beach, hand in hand, with the one who makes your heart fill with love and joy, day after day.
Checkmark Imagine feeling so loved and appreciated that your talents become bright and strong.  Imagine having a partner who makes your light shine. 
Checkmark Imagine feeling so stable and secure with your soul mate that it  frees up tons of energy for prosperity.  All that energy that was being drained into the agony of loneliness now energizes your prosperity. 
Checkmark Imagine how good the two of you look together.  You look the way you love to look.
Checkmark Right now this may all seem like a wild fantasy, but it can and will be real in your life once you shift your point of attraction.

Start Day One Today 

Get instant access to the ebook and all the bonuses right now so that you can begin your 27 day program immediately.

When you buy today, you can begin the program and start shifting your point of attraction right now

Why wait?  

You have an ironclad 60 day complete no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Special Bundle

Note: This bonus package can change at any time without warning.  


"How to Attract the Relationship of Your Dreams"

This ebook explains the complete 27 day program.  When you buy this ebook today, you will instantly receive the following bonuses absolutely free.

Value $9

"The Simple Truth That Transforms All Relationships"

Read this quick but powerful ebook first.  It prepares  you for success with the 27 day program.

Value $39

"How to Harmonize Your Love Relationship"

Once you are successful in creating your wonderful relationship, how do you keep it authentic, exciting, and loving?  How do you continually harmonize your relationship so that you are both forever in love with each other?  With this online expansion of the program, you'll be prepared to create a relationship and make it work.

Value $29

"The Process Companion Script Maker"

This online tool automates part of the 27 day process so that you zoom through the program and stay on track.  

Value $59

"Instant Triple Script Maker"

This online tool hyper-automates the process so you can practically do it in your sleep. 

Value $5

Daily Checklist

Use this every day to stay on track. You will complete the 27 days with ease.

Value $9

Meditation and Relationships - Bonus Recording

What is the role played by meditation in the process of attracting a soul-satisfying relationship?  This recording is guaranteed to expand your awareness.

Value $5


Introduction to Affirmative Contemplation

Receive full instructions and streaming audio of the 3 minute and 7 minute versions of the popular guided meditation called "I Am Love." Also get instant access to the streaming audio of the meditation called "I Love Being Me."  These guided meditations (I call them "Affirmative Contemplations) make you more attractive by bringing you into alignment with Divine Love.

Value $39

"How to Nourish Your Children With Love"

Jelly on the couch?  Crayons in the toaster? Late homework? If you have kids, you will love this bonus. 

Value $9


You also get a full tutorial on how to  organize your process  so that you get the most out of this program.

Total Value


For a limited time, get this full package worth $242 for only the price of the ebook - $39.  

This offer may change at any time. 



100% Money-Back Guarantee

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so certain that you'll be fully satisfied by "27 Days to Finding Your Soul Mate", that I'll refund you 100% all your money back if you're not totally happy with the step-by-step guidance this product provides.

Simply e-mail me and I'll refund you ASAP.

With Love and Appreciation,


Questions?  Email me at rebbie(at)yofa.net

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Wishing You All Your Heart Desires,

Dr. Rebbie Straubing
Founder of YOFA

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Disclaimer: People will get different results with this program.  We cannot guarantee that you will find your soul mate in 27 days but we can guarantee if you follow all the instructions you will shift your point of attraction.  The amount of time it takes to actually attract a relationship will vary.

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