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How to Find a Boyfriend

I don’t know how to tell you this. It’s kind of harsh and you probably won’t like it at first.  But once you see the power in this, you are going to love it. In fact, it is the key to finding the boyfriend you are looking for.  But there is a little hurdle to […]

Will I Ever Find Love?

You don’t have to read this whole article.  I will give you the answer right here in the first paragraph: The way to find love is to be love. If you wonder, “Will I ever find love?” then you know how strong the desire is to have love in your life.  You see others holding […]

Don’t get caught in the “I need a girlfriend” force field!

This may shock you.  Are you ready? The thought, “I need a girlfriend” pushes girls away. Yes, it’s true. As soon as you have the thought, “I need a girlfriend,” an invisible force field pops up all around you and blocks you from finding a girlfriend. Fortunately there are 3 simple steps you can take […]